Small but functional

A smaller shop attached to an existing resort, rather than a ‘dive resort’ as you may traditionally know them. The shop is small and sparse, although very clean, tidy and modern. It’s also one of the newest shops on Nusa Lembongan, so the equipment and boat etc. are still in very good, almost new, quality.

Unfortunately there’s no real diving ‘atmosphere’ here… not really somewhere you’d stay after a day’s diving to socialize and drink a beer with other divers or the instructors. Indeed, there was no real urgency from the staff to socialize with divers. More of a ‘thanks for diving with us guys!’… and then they were gone.

I was there in peak season, and the shop was usually empty, apart form one instructor or divemaster sitting alone at the desk. Having said that, the boat was actually full the next day, so I can only assume most divers decide to hang around in their own resort than at the dive shop. Which, given the cool atmosphere and lack of anything to do there, I can fully understand. Having said that, I’d dive with them again.